Specializing in content creation and development of audiovisual projects, I have worked in script consulting and as Story Editor for several producers and festivals based in Spain and the US. 


I have created and developed advertising campaigns (Durex, Chevrolet, Apple, Ferrero, Bacardi, BP, UN), feature film projects (Onyx, Kings of the Grail, Gods' Hill, The Year of the Discovery, Martino, Pochinok, Deviant, Night and Day and Who wants to Grow Up?) fiction series (Riders, Do Not Play with Food, Lil' people) and documentary series (The Spanish Department, Spanish Leather).


In 2017 I've been selected BEST PROMISING DIRECTOR at Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival. An award to promote and support directors and writers for their work and promising career, selected by a jury of experts. 

In 2018 I directed the second unit for ONYX, KINGS OF THE GRAIL, an international feature film with Jim Caviezel and Maria de Medeiros as the main roles. The movie had it's theatrical release in March 2019.


I wrote,  directed and produced my first feature film, GODS' HILL, in 2019, which will be premiered in theaters in Spain in November 2019 and has been sold to Catalonia Public Television.

Recently I directed the first season (13 episodes) of EL CAÇADOR DE VERITATS for the Spanish Public Television (TVE). 

In the last four years I've been in direct contact, with my feature film projects, with several international markets and festivals such as: AFM, Ventana Sur, Blood Window, London PFM, Frontièrès, Galway Film Market Fleadh, Ventana del Cine Madrileño, BIFFF, Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, Oaxaca FilmFest, etc.

And in 2017 I was one of the 10 European directors,  whose project was awarded at the FRONTIÈRES International Co-Production Market in Montreal, associated with the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes.

My short films DO NOT PLAY WITH FOOD and ALICIA have more than 100 Official Selections at international competitions and more than 20 awards, including the MÉLIÈS D'ARGENT at RazorReel FilmFestival. 

ALICIA was nominated to a MÉLIÈS D'ARGENT at BIFFF and has been selected by BIFFF OBSCURE NIGHTS to be screened in 11 Kinepolis theaters before the premiering of THE NUN from THE CONJURING'S universe.


I am also an awarded screenwriter, having won several international awards for my feature film scripts at several film festivals and markets like Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival with my projects: WHO WANTS TO GROW UP?,  the SPECIAL MENTION for POCHINOK and the BEST CATALAN PROJECT award for SIDEROADS.

I also have been nominated a finalist for 4 years in a row at the OAXACA FILM FEST for my feature film scripts NIGHT AND DAY, SIDEROADS, DEVIANT and POCHINOK.

And I have won the BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY award given by the Writers Guild of Catalonia for SIDEROADS and WHO WANTS TO GROW UP?.

I also work at project development and providing script consulting services for several production companies and Film Festivals based in Spain and the U.S. such as FilmQuest Festival Utah, BTF Media, Brutal Media, SevenFor, Odessa Films, Filmarket Hub, Antic Horror Picture Show, The Collective, LaCima Producciones, Londy Pictures, Dynamita Productions, among others.



-Deviant (Feature Film, 2020) - Director, Writer

-Barcelona 1918 (TvShow 2020) - Script Consultant

-Carretera Secundaria (Feature Film - Optioned) - Director, Writer

-Pochinok (Feature Film - Optioned) - Director, Writer

-El Cerro de los Dioses (Feature Film, 2019) - Director, Writer, Producer, Executive Producer

-El Caçador de veritats (Tv Show, 2019) - Director, Development

-Fungus (Feature Film, 2018) - Teaser Director

-Estrella (Tv Show, 2018) - Teaser Director

-Onyx, Kings of the Grail (Feature Film. 2018) - Second Unit Director, Script Supervisor 

-Alicia (Short Film, 2017) - Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Editor 

-I Can’t leave Right Now (Music Video, 2016) - Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Editor 

-Energetic Eficiency (Short Film/Commercial, 2015) - Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Editor 

-Transeúntes (Feature Film. 2015) - First Assistant Director 

-Mancuso: Whisky Bar (Music Video, 2016) - Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Editor 

-Remedios Varo (Documentary, 2013) - Motion Graphics, VFX

-Chevrolet (Commercial, 2011) - Director, Creative

-Durex (Commercial, 2012) - Director, Creative

-Con la comida no se juega (Short Film, 2013) - Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Editor

-Cuero Español (Documentary, 2010) - Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Editor

-30m2 (TV Show, 2008) - Director, Created by/Writer

-Barna Empresa (TvShow, 2007) - Director, Writer

-Canal Català (News, 2007-2009) - Director, Editor

-En Ruta (Tv Show, 2005) - Editor

-Platja Boja (Tv Show, 2005) - Editor

-Tu as dit quelque chose? (Short Film, 2006) - Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Editor 

-Els pintors catalans a Cerdenya (Feature Film. 2005) - First Assistant Director 

-The Bachelor (TV Series, 2004) - First Assistant Director - S05E08

-XIII Premios Unión de Actores (TV Show, 2004) - Editor 

-Cala Reial  (TV Movie, 2003) - Assistant Director 

-Iris TV (TV Movie, 2003) - Production Staff

-Final (Short Film, 2003) - Second Assistant Director 

-Libre Competencia (Short Film, 2003) - Second Assistant Director 

-Las puertas del mundo niño (Short Film, 2002) - First Assistant Director 

-Bad Ground (Short Film, 2001) - Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Editor 

-La pelota, el perro, la niña y el por qué de todo esto (Short Film, 2001) - Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Editor

-Fire-Mech (Short Film, 1999) - Director, Writer, Executive Producer



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